A potent time for letting go and moving on, for making changes that will significantly alter your life. Let go of unrealistic expectations, and false values. Honour yourself and be open to the way things are working now. Then your pioneering Aries spirit can be there first and stake your claim.


It seems like forces beyond your control are working to tear down all that you hold so dear. It is falling away like sand through your fingers. Find the issues that keep you locked into a way of thinking, and release yourself. Long term goals may not manifest, changes at work or in business are also disruptive. Something is going to replace all this.


Focus is on longer term issues that you are use to. Look to where you want to be in several years to see if you want to continue doing what you are doing until you get there. Work expectations are unreliable, as is counting on your work history to provide you with security. Major forces of change are coming.


Emphasis is on work or business at this time. There are powerful people who will recognize your contribution and ability to fulfill their needs, and this will work in your favour. Sudden opportunities for gains through others may significantly alter your carefully constructed plans for the future.


Freedom and independence are paramount at this time. Travel is featured as are all things that will significantly enhance your quality of life. Partner’s needs, or those relating to relationship issues will conflict with your plans at this time as will the demands of your work. Go anyway.


Emphasis is on gains through others this month, and how this affects your life. Partner’s needs, or those issues about relationships in your life, can interfere or conflict with your course. Sudden opportunities come up relating to work, and demands on your time. There is much happening that is not yet apparent that will impact on your whole life.


Focus is on relationship and partnership issues and the big changes that are happening. Communication is essential. Do not assume that nothing is happening or base your beliefs on old information. A sudden change in your life style is possible, but the existing structure will change. Be sure to let go of habitual attitudes and see the differences.


Your values and material resources are coming under considerable pressure. What you wanted and expected out of a relationship in the past now will severely limit you. What you needed in life will be seen to be an illusion. Focus on where you can take responsibility for shaping and fulfilling your own life and the rest will follow.


Your innate need for freedom is really being tested with old expectations and responsibilities now becoming very frustrating. Old needs and expectations regarding home and family now seem more smoke than reality. Look into what you want out of life, what you want your life to be and make it happen yourself. Let the rest go.


Home and family are important at this time. Old issues and the past can now be released, but the price is facing the need for change in your values. Finances and possessions are affected as is the whole quality of your life. clinging to the past can be a major problem. Not facing your part in it all can be disastrous.


Major issues at this time where sudden upheavals that you feel about yourself are in conflict with desires and expectations in home or family. Your long term goals and plans are changing rapidly now, and this is putting pressure on your financial needs and plans. Trust that the shifts are all necessary and focus on your vision of what is happening.


Job or business changes are conflicting with your personal needs and ideas. Sudden upheavals bring up the past and old fears. Focus on what is important to you and what you have. There is much that you learned in the early part of your life and from your family and environment that formed your expectations in life. This needs to be updated.

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