The build up to the New Moon of May 4, and the massive alignment (stellium) of May 5th is already occurring. This period will be very stressful. The best course is to deal with and face any issue you experience and to be totally open to revising your values and expectations.

I feel this is a positive change, and nothing of value including finding what is most meaningful to you will be lost.

This period brings us face-to-face with the material world, the so-called “real world” as we know it. Its intention is to show us what is truly real, not what we believe and accept as real. As the build-up occurs in Taurus, money finances, possessions, and greed will be highlighted.

The sun (self awareness) in the Virgo decanate of Taurus (expectations added to materialism), conjunct both Jupiter (optimism, fortune) and Saturn (deserved and earned benefits), all in Taurus, show the me/mine force at work. They are squared (inner stress) by both Uranus (sudden changes) and Neptune (delusions/illusions) in Aquarius ( group benefits). This will put enormous pressure on the materialistic directions in life.

Emotionally we will feel acutely the mistakes and wrong directions we have gone in the past, and our desire will be to rectify and begin again.

The Moon (feelings, emotions and the past) is in the last degree of the last sign, Pisces (self undoing, guilt). It sextiles (positive awareness) Mars (desire) in the beginning of Gemini (ideas, thoughts, communication).


The past seems to intrude into your awareness, while you desire to see and understand what is happening. The major thrust is on finances, possessions and values with a powerful sense of where you would like to be and what you would like to be doing creating stress. A feeling of disconnection to what has been your world grows stronger.


Focus on your expectations, anticipations, and what you claim or feel you deserve. How does this affect others? There is a sense of having been here before, and having personal gain or desires outweigh what is right. The pull of what you are doing in regard to work or business and what is the end result is creating stress. Expect major shifts and sudden upheavals that will alter plans.


A mystical, magical awakening of your inner self, or, a plunge into the nightmare of all the problems you have ever had and not dealt with. Perhaps it is your choice. Sudden events or news from afar can put much in the way of pressure on you. A partner can precipitate major decisions.


If you have ever been told that in order to truly fulfill your need to nurture others you must first nurture yourself, then this is the time to believe it! Your feelings of responsibility have been changing; now you will find your plans for the future, the trust in friends to reciprocate your thoughtfulness is all being tested.


When it comes to your work or business, you may well wonder what hit you. Suddenly it seems (although it has been obvious for some time) nothing is working or feels right anymore. Sudden changes now in your primary relationships put enormous pressure on what you have been doing. You feel now the manifestation of what has been slowly building. You want to do something else with your life.


Your whole outlook on life, what you have always believed, now suddenly seems wrong, no longer viable. Dramatic and unexpected changes in responsibility, and in what you have based your life upon, now impact on your directions and expectations. Old patterns of trusting in others now make you aware that you need to trust in yourself.


You are now at a crossroads. All of the your belief in, expectations of, trust in, and needs for another, everything you get from relationships, comes under pressure. Your realizations of what you would like to have in your life, the quality of your life, forces you to see what is lacking or missing. Old issues of responsibility to another instead of yourself are the key.


Every aspect of what a relationship or partnership means to you now manifests. There is now way of avoiding dealing with and facing this. Sudden changes or realizations about yourself make you see how wrong you have been and that you have based your life on concepts that are not true for you. It is time to change those old ideas that another can make your life work for you.


The impact of the May 5th alignment falls within the area of your life where you do for others or accept responsibility for them. The pressure of these times demands that you see how much you yourself have gotten out of life in the past. Do you have the kind of life would truly choose, or by doing for others have you short-changed yourself. Sudden opportunities in communications open up much for you.


This time is all about the quality fo you life, your needs, ideas, expectations and demands for yourself. What is it you want, and what is preventing you from getting it. There are sudden revelations in your finances or values. Perhaps you really need to examine your motivations in pursuing your goals. There are old issues surfacing revealing what you based your life upon, and the mistakes you are still making.


Home. Family. The bedrock of your life to this point. This area is where you are feeling the pressure mount. All of the needs, ideas, beliefs, expectations and issues of deserving and your ambitions for yourself, are highlighted. Your personal growth and freedom now seem especially constricted by what you are holding onto. Revise your goals in accordance with your personal needs.


You are becoming aware of old issues pertaining to values, finances, security and self worth. These are leading you to seeing a new version of yourself and thus your direction will change. All of your ideas and expectations, wants and needs, what you have worked for, and what the world has provided you come under major pressure as your inner self reveals new insights and understanding.

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