Monthly Horoscope for March 2017


This period begins a time of respite from the recent struggles. On March 15th, Saturn, the taskmaster, moves back into Taurus for several months. That, and the fact that Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th, both serve to stifle progress ie struggle, as the old familiar world, it’s issues and problems, become clear once again. In this case, familiarity breeds content.

Beware of thinking that just because some old familiar landmarks appear out of the fog, that the difficult times are over and everything is returning to “normal”. There is a strong focus on relationships/partnerships, with a strong boost to developing stronger ties, and lots of opportunity to do so. There is also a deep-rooted need to control things, stop the movement to cooperation, and have everything your own way (again).

(AST): The Sun (conscious awareness) in Libra (cooperation, harmony) sextiles (positive support from others) Pluto, the power of change in Sagittarius, the sign of justice. It also trines (opportunity) Jupiter (luck and expansion) in Gemini (communication). The Moon (past, responses) in intense and controlling Scorpio squares (intense stress) Uranus (individuality) in Aquarius (group ventures). Note: Uranus here widely trines both the Suns and Jupiter forming a Grand Trine suggesting that the regressive return of Saturn into Taurus is simply a short term situation, and not a long term answer.

Opportunities for great change abound, if we do not get caught up in analyzing and questioning everything to death.

(AST): Pluto (transformation) in “bigger picture” Sagittarius continues to oppose Jupiter (expansion, fortune) in Gemini (ideas, interaction) bringing the potential for extraordinary opportunities. Mars (desire, personal energy) in analytical, overly practical, judge mental Virgo squares both Jupiter and Pluto forming a T-square. This causes you to question both the practicality and possibility of an opportunity, as well as whether you deserve it.

Watch out for the Mercury retrograde period (March 18 to November 10). Prepare ahead of time, and make allowances for delays and misunderstandings.


Focus is on relationship and partnerships. Allow things to flow, and help to come to you. The danger here is from your own impatience and lack of trust. This can cause stress and, as things don’t happen as you foresee them, you could become disillusioned, bitter, and might actually miss out on what is there for you.


You are seeing the opportunities I talked about last time. They are there for you basically till the spring. Do not let impatience or your needs to have everything your own way interfere with the natural flow of things. You cannot control where you are going anyway, so try to relax and let go.


You may feel as if you are sitting in the middle of a four lane highway. Everything is whizzing by you in both or many directions. Confusion reigns. The cause of all of this is Saturn about to head back into Taurus before you even got used to it being in Gemini, and . . . Mercury about to go retrograde. Now isn’t that better? Actually you are in a fortunate period, focused on the quality of your life. Don’t let family get you down.


The moon position potentially causes severe stress and conflicts. These can erupt over relationship or partnership issues where you desire control over what is happening with your life, your ideas and needs, while others have sudden impulses that change everything. Security is like breath to you, but you have to understand that you are in the midst of enormous change, whether it suits you or not.


Things can get tense around the home front as others’ sudden shifts and intentions clash very strongly with your needs, and intense feelings are possible. Opportunities will continue to arise that will offer to make your life more fulfilled and definitely better in the long term. Don’t let your personal financial beliefs or practicality get in the way. There is the potential for great stress. You have to let go and trust . . . believe me.


Focus is on finances and real values with great opportunities arising particularly at work or in business. Don’t get into analyzing or being too practical about what is available. This will only cause great stress for you as there is no way to define or explain what is going on. You just have to take it on trust. Family members can create very stressful situations that can seriously affect your enjoyment of life.


This is your time to shine with the sun in your sign, and some wonderful aspects bringing the potential for big changes and opportunities. Financially, and in the things you want to make your life fuller, you can do well in the immediate future. Don’t let old disappointments and incidents cause you to doubt or block the flow. The past is gone, as is your control over everything. Let it all go.


The moon in your sign brings strong emotional upheaval. You are feeling very stressed and with the likelyhood of having blow ups, particularly with family members. Incidents from the past, particularly where you felt restricted or controlled, may set off these conflicts. Focus on looking deeper within yourself for the source of these. Financial opportunities will be with you all winter. Don’t let your desire to have control over your future cause you even more stress.


The erratic stop-start confusion of late, or the clarity you have recently discovered, seem to disappear this month to be replaced by the tedious normality that previously was your life. Don’t worry, it will all be rectified once you clear up a few things left undone. Work or business is a major stress factor right now, but settle down and deal with it calmly. I know you want changes, but let the right ones happen.


Focus is on work or business, and opportunities that are coming up. Problem is that they seem to be reruns of old causes that cause you considerable stress as they conflicted with your needs for freedom. Long term plans also seem to be suffering as changing financial realities cause you to face realities not entirely to your liking.


Focus is on higher planes, so the mundane and everyday things, especially on the job or business front, can really be distressing. The demands made on you due to others wants and needs can cause things to get very intense. Opportunities to realize both long term dreams and enhance the present quality of your life abound. Others can make you feel very stressful at the moment as their judgements and expectations conflict with your beliefs.


Focus is on what you are getting out of your relationships or partnerships, with lots of opportunity between now and the Spring to see great gains. The problem is that the person, or people, involved are experiencing the need to be too analytical, judgemental or practical, and this is causing great stress. Beware of influences from a long distance or from, long ago that impact on your hard won freedom.

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