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Many people around the world have a bad image of clair voyance and astrology free they see as a travesty. They have probably never tried these extremely powerful divinatory arts which help enormously in the world for centuries.

Everyone should review the advantages of being able to anticipate its news through the use of the tool of clairvoyance. All that matters is that of love, work or money can be addressed very quickly by clairvoyance that provide answers.

Clairvoyance is an extraordinary gift that few people have and that many covet. These people have a hyper sensitivity that allows them to see things, feel them, while others have nothing. Astrology is totally different because it is based on science that is the study of stars better known under the name of astronomy.

Astrology has a link with future events and seek to anticipate what might happen. The clairvoyance and astrology have roughly the same goal but different ways of achieving this, it is up to you to elect your preferred way to proceed.

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However there are often unjustified criticism against clairvoyance and astrology. But they are often initiated by persons who could not meet with professionals, experts in the profession they practice for years.

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It is not easy to find a psychic service as comprehensive and serious on the internet that proposed by The site is dedicated to this issue for over ten years so you can do more than they trust. You can offer the service of a person who specializes in clairvoyance and this without any worries.

Astrology is a real asset to support you and clairvoyance is at least as much. We recommend you visit astrology websites to discover these two specialties that will surely delight you.

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hroughout November, Jupiter and Uranus form a supportive and enhancing trine (or 120 degree) aspect to each other in the Water signs of Scorpio and Pisces. Arguably more than any other planetary combination, the Jupiter-Uranus pairing correlates with cultural breakthroughs and innovations.

More specifically, the following trends are indicative of the Jupiter-Uranus confluence: One, a tendency toward scientific and technological advances. Two, cultural expressions that are experimental, highly creative, or cutting-edge in some capacity. Three, the expression or allowance of new cultural freedoms; an expansion of cultural norms; a greater tolerance for freedom of expression. Four, a spirit of sudden breakthrough or scintillating novelty “in the air.”

In order to understand why Jupiter and Uranus correlate with the above, we must understand the symbolism of the planets. Uranus is associated with the creative act, the psychological urge toward generating novelty, ingenuity, and experimentalism. Jupiter, when it connects with Uranus, expands but also supports the creativity correlated with Uranus. Thus, not unlike a dimension of insight and ingenuity that temporarily expands, the Jupiter-Uranus pairing allows for a great degree of socio-cultural creativity. The trine alignment of Jupiter and Uranus may not be the most potent or observable manifestation of this creative energy, but it allows for a certain ease or current between the two planetary archetypes.

Individuals that are born with Jupiter-Uranus aspects are often pioneers and revolutionaries that improve culture or who turn their creativity into significant ideas or innovations that radically progress cultures into new states of being and knowing. Freedom fighters, revolutionaries, mad scientists, and geniuses, perhaps the common denominator with all that are born with Jupiter and Uranus in aspect are that they are significantly ahead of their times. Rather than be stifled by conventionalisms of their day, individuals that are born with Jupiter and Uranus in major aspect pierce through the consensus limitations of their day to create new universes for the generations that come after them. Not only do Jupiter-Uranus individuals ask “what if,” but they are able to turn their answers to this question into stunning, controversial, and brilliant responses.

The following list represents a small sampling of individuals born with Jupiter and Uranus in major aspect. Understanding their contributions can lead to a greater understanding of the Jupiter-Uranus archetypal pairing.

Steve Jobs (February 24th, 1955; Jupiter-Uranus conjunction)

The entrepreneur who along with Bill Gates is most affiliated with the computer revolution, Steve Jobs exemplifies the successful pioneering spirit of the Jupiter-Uranus possessor. Although Gates may embody more of the titan of the computer industry, Jobs is more of the innovator, reinventing himself and the computer industry as well. Founding Apple computer, Pixar, and NeXT, and then re-inventing Apple, Jobs has not only profoundly revolutionized the computer industry but several adjacent economic sectors as well. With such a pronounced Uranus in his birth chart, Jobs does embody the Apple slogan, “Think Different.”

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The build up to the New Moon of May 4, and the massive alignment (stellium) of May 5th is already occurring. This period will be very stressful. The best course is to deal with and face any issue you experience and to be totally open to revising your values and expectations.

I feel this is a positive change, and nothing of value including finding what is most meaningful to you will be lost.

This period brings us face-to-face with the material world, the so-called “real world” as we know it. Its intention is to show us what is truly real, not what we believe and accept as real. As the build-up occurs in Taurus, money finances, possessions, and greed will be highlighted.

The sun (self awareness) in the Virgo decanate of Taurus (expectations added to materialism), conjunct both Jupiter (optimism, fortune) and Saturn (deserved and earned benefits), all in Taurus, show the me/mine force at work. They are squared (inner stress) by both Uranus (sudden changes) and Neptune (delusions/illusions) in Aquarius ( group benefits). This will put enormous pressure on the materialistic directions in life.

Emotionally we will feel acutely the mistakes and wrong directions we have gone in the past, and our desire will be to rectify and begin again.

The Moon (feelings, emotions and the past) is in the last degree of the last sign, Pisces (self undoing, guilt). It sextiles (positive awareness) Mars (desire) in the beginning of Gemini (ideas, thoughts, communication).


The past seems to intrude into your awareness, while you desire to see and understand what is happening. The major thrust is on finances, possessions and values with a powerful sense of where you would like to be and what you would like to be doing creating stress. A feeling of disconnection to what has been your world grows stronger.


Focus on your expectations, anticipations, and what you claim or feel you deserve. How does this affect others? There is a sense of having been here before, and having personal gain or desires outweigh what is right. The pull of what you are doing in regard to work or business and what is the end result is creating stress. Expect major shifts and sudden upheavals that will alter plans.


A mystical, magical awakening of your inner self, or, a plunge into the nightmare of all the problems you have ever had and not dealt with. Perhaps it is your choice. Sudden events or news from afar can put much in the way of pressure on you. A partner can precipitate major decisions.


If you have ever been told that in order to truly fulfill your need to nurture others you must first nurture yourself, then this is the time to believe it! Your feelings of responsibility have been changing; now you will find your plans for the future, the trust in friends to reciprocate your thoughtfulness is all being tested.


When it comes to your work or business, you may well wonder what hit you. Suddenly it seems (although it has been obvious for some time) nothing is working or feels right anymore. Sudden changes now in your primary relationships put enormous pressure on what you have been doing. You feel now the manifestation of what has been slowly building. You want to do something else with your life.


Your whole outlook on life, what you have always believed, now suddenly seems wrong, no longer viable. Dramatic and unexpected changes in responsibility, and in what you have based your life upon, now impact on your directions and expectations. Old patterns of trusting in others now make you aware that you need to trust in yourself.


You are now at a crossroads. All of the your belief in, expectations of, trust in, and needs for another, everything you get from relationships, comes under pressure. Your realizations of what you would like to have in your life, the quality of your life, forces you to see what is lacking or missing. Old issues of responsibility to another instead of yourself are the key.


Every aspect of what a relationship or partnership means to you now manifests. There is now way of avoiding dealing with and facing this. Sudden changes or realizations about yourself make you see how wrong you have been and that you have based your life on concepts that are not true for you. It is time to change those old ideas that another can make your life work for you.


The impact of the May 5th alignment falls within the area of your life where you do for others or accept responsibility for them. The pressure of these times demands that you see how much you yourself have gotten out of life in the past. Do you have the kind of life would truly choose, or by doing for others have you short-changed yourself. Sudden opportunities in communications open up much for you.


This time is all about the quality fo you life, your needs, ideas, expectations and demands for yourself. What is it you want, and what is preventing you from getting it. There are sudden revelations in your finances or values. Perhaps you really need to examine your motivations in pursuing your goals. There are old issues surfacing revealing what you based your life upon, and the mistakes you are still making.


Home. Family. The bedrock of your life to this point. This area is where you are feeling the pressure mount. All of the needs, ideas, beliefs, expectations and issues of deserving and your ambitions for yourself, are highlighted. Your personal growth and freedom now seem especially constricted by what you are holding onto. Revise your goals in accordance with your personal needs.


You are becoming aware of old issues pertaining to values, finances, security and self worth. These are leading you to seeing a new version of yourself and thus your direction will change. All of your ideas and expectations, wants and needs, what you have worked for, and what the world has provided you come under major pressure as your inner self reveals new insights and understanding.

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A potent time for letting go and moving on, for making changes that will significantly alter your life. Let go of unrealistic expectations, and false values. Honour yourself and be open to the way things are working now. Then your pioneering Aries spirit can be there first and stake your claim.


It seems like forces beyond your control are working to tear down all that you hold so dear. It is falling away like sand through your fingers. Find the issues that keep you locked into a way of thinking, and release yourself. Long term goals may not manifest, changes at work or in business are also disruptive. Something is going to replace all this.


Focus is on longer term issues that you are use to. Look to where you want to be in several years to see if you want to continue doing what you are doing until you get there. Work expectations are unreliable, as is counting on your work history to provide you with security. Major forces of change are coming.


Emphasis is on work or business at this time. There are powerful people who will recognize your contribution and ability to fulfill their needs, and this will work in your favour. Sudden opportunities for gains through others may significantly alter your carefully constructed plans for the future.


Freedom and independence are paramount at this time. Travel is featured as are all things that will significantly enhance your quality of life. Partner’s needs, or those relating to relationship issues will conflict with your plans at this time as will the demands of your work. Go anyway.


Emphasis is on gains through others this month, and how this affects your life. Partner’s needs, or those issues about relationships in your life, can interfere or conflict with your course. Sudden opportunities come up relating to work, and demands on your time. There is much happening that is not yet apparent that will impact on your whole life.


Focus is on relationship and partnership issues and the big changes that are happening. Communication is essential. Do not assume that nothing is happening or base your beliefs on old information. A sudden change in your life style is possible, but the existing structure will change. Be sure to let go of habitual attitudes and see the differences.


Your values and material resources are coming under considerable pressure. What you wanted and expected out of a relationship in the past now will severely limit you. What you needed in life will be seen to be an illusion. Focus on where you can take responsibility for shaping and fulfilling your own life and the rest will follow.


Your innate need for freedom is really being tested with old expectations and responsibilities now becoming very frustrating. Old needs and expectations regarding home and family now seem more smoke than reality. Look into what you want out of life, what you want your life to be and make it happen yourself. Let the rest go.


Home and family are important at this time. Old issues and the past can now be released, but the price is facing the need for change in your values. Finances and possessions are affected as is the whole quality of your life. clinging to the past can be a major problem. Not facing your part in it all can be disastrous.


Major issues at this time where sudden upheavals that you feel about yourself are in conflict with desires and expectations in home or family. Your long term goals and plans are changing rapidly now, and this is putting pressure on your financial needs and plans. Trust that the shifts are all necessary and focus on your vision of what is happening.


Job or business changes are conflicting with your personal needs and ideas. Sudden upheavals bring up the past and old fears. Focus on what is important to you and what you have. There is much that you learned in the early part of your life and from your family and environment that formed your expectations in life. This needs to be updated.

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Monthly Horoscope for March 2017


This period begins a time of respite from the recent struggles. On March 15th, Saturn, the taskmaster, moves back into Taurus for several months. That, and the fact that Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th, both serve to stifle progress ie struggle, as the old familiar world, it’s issues and problems, become clear once again. In this case, familiarity breeds content.

Beware of thinking that just because some old familiar landmarks appear out of the fog, that the difficult times are over and everything is returning to “normal”. There is a strong focus on relationships/partnerships, with a strong boost to developing stronger ties, and lots of opportunity to do so. There is also a deep-rooted need to control things, stop the movement to cooperation, and have everything your own way (again).

(AST): The Sun (conscious awareness) in Libra (cooperation, harmony) sextiles (positive support from others) Pluto, the power of change in Sagittarius, the sign of justice. It also trines (opportunity) Jupiter (luck and expansion) in Gemini (communication). The Moon (past, responses) in intense and controlling Scorpio squares (intense stress) Uranus (individuality) in Aquarius (group ventures). Note: Uranus here widely trines both the Suns and Jupiter forming a Grand Trine suggesting that the regressive return of Saturn into Taurus is simply a short term situation, and not a long term answer.

Opportunities for great change abound, if we do not get caught up in analyzing and questioning everything to death.

(AST): Pluto (transformation) in “bigger picture” Sagittarius continues to oppose Jupiter (expansion, fortune) in Gemini (ideas, interaction) bringing the potential for extraordinary opportunities. Mars (desire, personal energy) in analytical, overly practical, judge mental Virgo squares both Jupiter and Pluto forming a T-square. This causes you to question both the practicality and possibility of an opportunity, as well as whether you deserve it.

Watch out for the Mercury retrograde period (March 18 to November 10). Prepare ahead of time, and make allowances for delays and misunderstandings.


Focus is on relationship and partnerships. Allow things to flow, and help to come to you. The danger here is from your own impatience and lack of trust. This can cause stress and, as things don’t happen as you foresee them, you could become disillusioned, bitter, and might actually miss out on what is there for you.


You are seeing the opportunities I talked about last time. They are there for you basically till the spring. Do not let impatience or your needs to have everything your own way interfere with the natural flow of things. You cannot control where you are going anyway, so try to relax and let go.


You may feel as if you are sitting in the middle of a four lane highway. Everything is whizzing by you in both or many directions. Confusion reigns. The cause of all of this is Saturn about to head back into Taurus before you even got used to it being in Gemini, and . . . Mercury about to go retrograde. Now isn’t that better? Actually you are in a fortunate period, focused on the quality of your life. Don’t let family get you down.


The moon position potentially causes severe stress and conflicts. These can erupt over relationship or partnership issues where you desire control over what is happening with your life, your ideas and needs, while others have sudden impulses that change everything. Security is like breath to you, but you have to understand that you are in the midst of enormous change, whether it suits you or not.


Things can get tense around the home front as others’ sudden shifts and intentions clash very strongly with your needs, and intense feelings are possible. Opportunities will continue to arise that will offer to make your life more fulfilled and definitely better in the long term. Don’t let your personal financial beliefs or practicality get in the way. There is the potential for great stress. You have to let go and trust . . . believe me.


Focus is on finances and real values with great opportunities arising particularly at work or in business. Don’t get into analyzing or being too practical about what is available. This will only cause great stress for you as there is no way to define or explain what is going on. You just have to take it on trust. Family members can create very stressful situations that can seriously affect your enjoyment of life.


This is your time to shine with the sun in your sign, and some wonderful aspects bringing the potential for big changes and opportunities. Financially, and in the things you want to make your life fuller, you can do well in the immediate future. Don’t let old disappointments and incidents cause you to doubt or block the flow. The past is gone, as is your control over everything. Let it all go.


The moon in your sign brings strong emotional upheaval. You are feeling very stressed and with the likelyhood of having blow ups, particularly with family members. Incidents from the past, particularly where you felt restricted or controlled, may set off these conflicts. Focus on looking deeper within yourself for the source of these. Financial opportunities will be with you all winter. Don’t let your desire to have control over your future cause you even more stress.


The erratic stop-start confusion of late, or the clarity you have recently discovered, seem to disappear this month to be replaced by the tedious normality that previously was your life. Don’t worry, it will all be rectified once you clear up a few things left undone. Work or business is a major stress factor right now, but settle down and deal with it calmly. I know you want changes, but let the right ones happen.


Focus is on work or business, and opportunities that are coming up. Problem is that they seem to be reruns of old causes that cause you considerable stress as they conflicted with your needs for freedom. Long term plans also seem to be suffering as changing financial realities cause you to face realities not entirely to your liking.


Focus is on higher planes, so the mundane and everyday things, especially on the job or business front, can really be distressing. The demands made on you due to others wants and needs can cause things to get very intense. Opportunities to realize both long term dreams and enhance the present quality of your life abound. Others can make you feel very stressful at the moment as their judgements and expectations conflict with your beliefs.


Focus is on what you are getting out of your relationships or partnerships, with lots of opportunity between now and the Spring to see great gains. The problem is that the person, or people, involved are experiencing the need to be too analytical, judgemental or practical, and this is causing great stress. Beware of influences from a long distance or from, long ago that impact on your hard won freedom.

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Your forecast for next week


The new Moon marks the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of another. This period of renewal is best spent in quiet contemplation. A new emotional state is coming into being at this time.

This Sunday we’ll experience a new Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, will have us focus on character building, so expect to be spending time with older people, planning for the distant future, and fussing over the seriousness of your social status. (Ugh!)

Coincidentally, this new Moon will also square transiting Saturn in Aries. This will double its character-building powers. (Double ugh!)

Specifically, Saturn square the Moon will make the world seem unsympathetic to our emotional needs. Saturn square the Sun will limit our ability to have fun and will make us work overtime. Together, these hard aspects paint a rather wintry experience — even for those in sunny climes!

As if that weren’t enough, pesky Mars will throw another wrench into the works by opposing the new Moon and squaring Saturn. So you can add a little bitterness, aggression, and bad timing to the mix. (Triple ugh!)

It’s easy to see that this weekend could bring a heavy dose of the midwinter blues! So get a jump on the gun and prepare the lifeboats. Then brace yourself to build some character.

ARIES (Mar. 21st-Apr. 20th): Your friends are behaving strangely these days, and isn’t it great? Get a boost by playing with them on Wednesday, when Venus conjoins Uranus in your eleventh house. A creative or business partnership may come from the exchange.

Keep cool at work on Friday, especially with important contacts. Mars squaring your Sun puts a chip on your shoulder. Is it really worth it to be so high and mighty on this day?

The same goes for Sunday’s new Moon. Dwell on your career, and expect to feel a tug-of-war going on between your vanity and your ambition — with you as the rope! Sit tight and wait a few days until the dust settles. Decisions will be easier next week.

TAURUS (Apr. 21st-May 20th): Be open to inspiration at work on Wednesday. Venus conjunct Uranus in your tenth house unleashes new ideas which will impress your boss. Don’t be surprised if unexpected new partnerships develop as well.

Friday may find you in a difficult teaching role. Problems may arise with young men who criticize you for being lazy or verbose. Be patient with them, just as your teachers were patient with you.

Recuperate over the weekend by immersing yourself in religion or travel. Go as far away from the everyday world as your work schedule and anxiety will allow. The new Moon in your ninth house wants to restore your faith in the world.

GEMINI (May 21st-June 21st):
Wednesday will be a good time to share with others your love of esoteric studies. Venus hits Uranus in your ninth house, heating up your excitement over cerebral delights.

Keep a cool head on Friday, because the Sun in your eighth house can make you a bit vindictive toward proud young men. Avoid confrontations if possible — you’re both right!

Friends may distract you from a true desire for solitude over the weekend. Give yourself some space to be with your emotions, even if your friends don’t understand.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 22nd): You’ll be feeling experimental with love on Wednesday, when Venus melds with Uranus in your eighth house. Candles, tarot cards, and dark places may factor in for the first time. Try it and see how it feels.

Later, on Friday, you may be at odds with your family. They’ll want you to toe the line more than you’d like. Know that there’s no pleasing them today, and focus on your own love life instead.

With that in mind, spend some quiet time over the weekend with the one you care for most. The Moon and Sun are united in your seventh house, setting the perfect stage for low-key, heart-to-heart encounters. Work and family obligations may get in the way, so try to keep them to a minimum.

LEO (July 23rd-Aug. 22nd):
Your crazy partner will seem especially appealing this Tuesday, when Venus shines on him or her. Work together on creative new ideas and dreams.

Chatterboxes will drive you nuts on Friday while you try to put in a good day’s work. Trouble with your car, your commute, your computer, and even your pets may be factors as well.

Avoid depression over the weekend by living cleanly. Straighten up your work space and eat nutritiously. Take a yoga class or work out and purify your system. Just be careful not to get too dogmatic. The Saturn square in your ninth house could turn you into a boor. You don’t want that!

VIRGO (Aug. 23rd-Sept. 22nd):
You’ll want to be Florence Nightingale this week as Venus joins Uranus in your sixth house. Experiment with new herbal remedies, innovative work routines, and alternative bodywork techniques. And don’t be surprised if a new four-legged friend turns up.

A thrifty attitude may conflict with your need for fun and relaxation on Friday. There’s no need to blow your wad to have some fun. Sports may be a nice compromise.

Similarly, over the weekend, kill the winter blues by relaxing, playing games, and going to the movies. The new Moon in your fifth house makes all forms of entertainment keenly enjoyable at this time. Trouble may lurk in the form of personal obligations to others, though. So beware of old trolls!

LIBRA (Sept. 23rd-Oct. 23rd): Look for some romantic fun with friends on Wednesday. Venus trips gaily through your fifth house at this time, joining with Uranus for unexpected delights.

On Friday, conflicts with your parents may dampen the mood — or it may even be problems with your own little boy, if you have one. Seeing the other person’s point of view will come in handy now.

Things should have settled down enough for you to spend a nice relaxing Sunday on the couch. The new Moon in your fourth house makes you as contentedly domestic as Betty Crocker — even if your lovey-dovey turns into a nag all weekend!

SCORPIO (Oct. 24th-Nov. 22nd): Tuesday, when Venus joins Uranus in your fourth house, is a great day to stay at home. Look for new inspiration and understanding in your domestic life. Get in touch with your parents and tune in to their idiosyncrasies.

On Friday, be careful not to burn too many bridges with your strong words. Mars in your twelfth house makes you feel emotionally restrained and rebellious. Meanwhile, the Sun in conflict with Mars will give you no qualms about aggressively speaking your mind. Think before you blurt.

Use the new Moon over the weekend to ponder the way you communicate with others.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23rd-Dec. 21st): Don’t miss the chance to record all your dreams and ideas this week. Venus gives form to your genius as it joins Uranus in your third house. It’s an especially good time for designing websites, writing creatively, and sending love letters via e-mail.

On Friday, friends may challenge you to loosen your wallet. Unfortunately, you’ll want to keep your money tight at this time. There’s no need to pick a fight over it. Find the middle ground.

Later, during the weekend’s new Moon, focus on financial matters to your heart’s content — that is, unless you intend to make money at the slot machine! Your luck is bad now, friend, so wait until the wheel of fate is back in your favor before doing anything risky. It won’t be long, you lucky dog!

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22nd-Jan. 20th): Financial relief wafts your way this week as Venus joins Uranus in your second house. Look for some new source of revenue to emerge. It’s a good thing, too, with all the ups and downs you’ve had lately.

Conflicts with an aggressive boss may dampen your enthusiasm on Friday. Keep the damage to a minimum and try not to let it bring you down. The situation will be easier next week.

Use the new Moon over the weekend to return the focus to yourself. Get a new haircut or buy a nice outfit. Your mother may not approve, but you’re worth it!

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21st-Feb. 18th): You’ll be dazzling this week when Venus brings out your special brand of beauty on Wednesday. Show the world what you’re all about, Aquarius. You know you’re irresistible.

Philosophical debates may charge the air on Friday as dogma meets karma. You’ll be bouncing off the walls between the chipper optimists on the one hand and the mystical softhearts on the other. Root for the underdog.

You may feel like an underdog yourself over the weekend. If it’s hard to communicate, blame it on Saturn in your third house. If it’s hard to get up in the morning, blame it on the new Moon in your twelfth. Pray a lot.

PISCES (Feb. 19th-Mar. 20th): Mystic inspiration and cosmic love fill the air on Wednesday, when Venus and Uranus have a be-in in your twelfth house. Commune with others and raise the world’s vibrational level. Please!

Meanwhile, back on earth, you may have trouble on Friday with friends who want to pry into your secret affairs. Avoid groups if you have anything to hide!

The weekend will be a better time to spend with friends. It may cost a pretty penny though, so keep an eye on your checkbook (like you’d do for someone else). Above all, have fun.

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Horoscope for this week

This week, your ears are buzzing with gossip, rumors, and theories. What’s the truth? Should you trust what you hear, or is it all just so much hot air? Are you listening to facts or opinions? Thursday’s Full Moon in Gemini will let you know.

A retrograde Mercury rules over this Full Moon, and this planetary joker conspires with Pluto to uncover all kinds of secrets and all kinds of power struggles over ideas. You’ll know you’re in the loop if this week finds you saying, “I can’t believe she said that.” Pay particular attention to news you think you’ve heard before. You’ll get to hear it in a new way this time around, and you’ll get to put it into a new and bigger context.

Knowledge is power; that’s the theme of the week. Does this mean that you should be calling the nearest attorney general’s office or the tabloids to disclose your news item? Or will it just mean that your honey finds that bitchy letter you wrote to her sister?

The Gemini Moon in opposition to the Sagittarius Sun will reveal plenty of tempting information, but your challenge is to put the facts in balance with your principles before you act. Take some time this week to think about what your beliefs and ideals mean to you, and think about how you can best communicate them to others. Be sure you have an open mind before you open your mouth. Are you tact-challenged?

Sexual vibes for this week? Talk can be very exciting. Try a little role-playing. The mind will stimulate the body now.

Watch out on Wednesday, when self-indulgent Venus squares fun-loving Jupiter. It’s a “one more for the road” kind of energy, and that’s a cosmic setup for a hangover. If you don’t check your balance before you leave the cash machine, you could be facing a week of ramen noodles until next payday. An offer that sounds too good to be true probably is, so stick with your principles and know when to stop. Is knowing when to stop against your principles? Hey, have a good time. It will give your friends more to talk about when the Moon is full!

ARIES (Mar. 21st-Apr. 20th): You’re on the front lines this week as the debate heats up. Strangely enough, with Mars, your planetary ruler, making harmonious aspects from the diplomatic sign of Libra, you might find yourself much more willing to compromise. You’re in an excellent position to listen to everyone’s opinions, to learn the facts, and to communicate your own thoughts in a way that gets everyone listening to you. Even your sister’s opinionated spouse could seem worth listening to this week.

Will you go off and suit yourself when the discussion is over? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course you will. But don’t waste this chance to discover new truths about your world and the people in it. If you let them talk, you could learn an inspiring secret. And then you’d be the one to announce your discovery first. I dare you.

TAURUS (Apr. 21st-May 20th): If it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, especially sex or money, you’ll find out by Thursday’s Full Moon. You may get some offers of both this week, and you’ll have to decide what they’re worth and whether your principles allow you to accept them. In the process, you could discover what you yourself are worth. If there’s a hidden price tag on any of the gifts you’ve been getting, now’s the time to learn what it is.

With your planetary ruler, Venus, squaring Jupiter this week, the pleasure principle has never looked so appealing, but it may cost you. Have you been paying for love with your self-esteem? Find a balance between what others owe to you and what you owe to yourself.

GEMINI (May 21st-June 21st): You could learn a great deal about your significant other this week, if you could let her talk, for a change. And you may find yourself ready to hear something you already know. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is retrograde until December 10, and that means you have to listen twice. If your sweetie says she wants to join the Peace Corps, it shouldn’t be news to you. What’s news may be the recognition that you weren’t paying attention before.

Don’t just turn on the television so you can listen to all those other people talk. This week, you need to listen to the ones who are close to you. If they express a yearning for deeper meaning in their lives, couldn’t that be what you are really searching for, yourself? You’ve got plenty of facts in your life already, but what do they add up to? Your partners can show you the truth about yourself.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 22nd): Have you been working yourself too hard lately? Are co-workers being unruly and thoughtless? Feeling sorry for yourself? You’ll get some help Thursday from your planetary ruler, the Moon. She’ll clear up any mysteries about what’s been going on behind the scenes. And when she enters your sign on Friday, you’ll be in a better position to act on your new knowledge.

If you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, or if you’ve been pushing yourself too hard, you’ll find out about it this week. Your psychic powers can be very strong now, but you’ll need to be well-rested to put them to work. Let your dreams tell you the best way to use your natural sympathy in the workplace. You’ll feel good when you help your co-workers feel good.

LEO (July 23rd-Aug. 22nd): Girls just want to have fun this week, as your social life expands to ridiculous proportions. Odds are, you’ll love it. Your biggest problem may be too many options. Your friends will call, and you’ll hear what they said to all their friends, who had plenty to say about you. And then they’ll call again to talk about the conversation you just had.

Your planetary ruler, the Sun, joins Mercury and Pluto, and your creative powers are strongly enhanced now. Why fritter these vibes away on trivia? Put your heart into a creative project with your friends, and don’t be surprised if they give you some great ideas. Don’t forget to give them the credit they deserve, either. They’ll love you for it. What could be more fun than that?

VIRGO (Aug. 23rd-Sept. 22nd):
The office grapevine hums; rumors about your boss run wild; the papers and memos keep pouring in. You’re so busy trying to take in all you hear at work that your home looks as if a herd of wild horses ran through it. This week, you need to focus on balancing the demands of career and home. Mercury, your planetary ruler, conspires with Pluto to make you see your home in a new light, and shows you what kinds of changes you should make.

Don’t act on your new insight, yet, though. Mercury is now retrograde, and you’ll need to wait until he turns direct on December 10 before you can address in earnest a home or work reorganization project. Right now, you’re supposed to be not only looking, but really seeing what your home means to you. Determine what you need to feel secure. If you really do need 10 years of back issues of “Scientific American,” fine. But you may discover that what you really need is not in your files but in your soul.

LIBRA (Sept. 23rd-Oct. 23rd): Whatever you thought you believed is up for revision this week, as voices and ideas from a distant place illuminate your thoughts. Why, you could change your mind this week! You could change your mind 12 ways — on Thursday alone! “So tell me something I don’t know,” you’re saying. Kidding aside, no one is better-equipped than you to understand the full-Moon energy and the way it helps you hear the other side of the story.

You may be asked to take a stand this week on a matter of principle, whether it’s a command performance before the grand jury or merely a showdown with your sibling’s spouse. You’ll need to be clear about your own ideas. When your ruling planet, Venus, squares Jupiter on Wednesday, she may tempt you into going too far out on a limb. Remember, respect for other opinions doesn’t preclude having your own.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24th-Nov. 22nd): You could want many things very badly this week, and you’ll find out if anyone is likely to give them to you. Has your ex not yet returned your stamp collection or your complete set of V.I. Warshawski mysteries? Confrontations over money or possessions will tell you what you most value about yourself. While it’s not your usual style to be totally upfront with others, at least be honest with yourself.

Perhaps what you want the most is a little more faith in yourself. Be ready to let your partner help you see where that faith might be hiding. Share yourself with others now. The time is right to exchange ideas as well as belongings. With the Sun and Mercury joining your planetary ruler, Pluto, you can afford to be generous. Let yourself shine.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23rd-Dec. 21st):
Life may feel like a game of bumper cars this week as your best friends and significant other tell you exactly what they think about you. And, as you riposte, they’ll know what you really think about them. We know that you thought they’d never find out about each other, or even care, but with the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto all colliding in your sign, you cannot keep secrets this week.

You’ve got the power now, but you’ll need to get off your high horse and listen to others if you want to make the best use of it. So when your loved one starts reading the paper to you over the granola, pay attention. Make those connections. It may sound like witticisms about last night’s talk-show guests, but what she says about them will tell you something about yourself. Allow yourself to hear it.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22nd-Jan. 20th):
If there’s been any plotting and whispering behind your back lately, you’ll hear about it now. Jealous of your success, are they? You know your own hard work has gotten you where you are. While that should be clear to everyone this week, it may also become clear to you that you do need to rest occasionally. When you focus all your attention on the material world, your soul feels left out and starts shouting for attention.

Pay your dues to your soul. If it will make you feel better, the aspect between your planetary ruler, Saturn, and the visionary planet Neptune makes dreaming, imagining, and fantasizing practically an obligation for you now. If that’s too much to ask, go to the movies. You know how to recognize a job well-done. This week, you need to recognize that a dream well-dreamed can be as useful to you as your daily appointment calendar.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21st-Feb. 18th):
Can an Aquarian have too many friends? Well, no, but some of those friends sure can carry on, and this week they will. They all have their own pet theories about world peace, alien visitations, and how to pick winning lottery numbers. And they’ll all be eager to share their views with you. It’s a good thing you’ve got the natural talent to accept them all, and that Uranus, your ruling planet, favors your interactions with them and their ideas this week.

An opportunity for a little fling may present itself now, perhaps with an old flame who has returned from the past. Why not? Where your mind goes, your heart will follow. What you have to talk about is just as exciting as what anyone else has to say, so feel free to express yourself, so long as you give other people’s ideas their due. Let the world tell you how much fun you can be.

PISCES (Feb. 19th-Mar. 20th): Your mother keeps talking; your boss keeps talking; your roommates keep talking. Why don’t they all keep quiet so you can read their minds in peace? There, there, now. Your sensitive system may just have to suffer this week, considering all the contradictory messages you’re receiving, and no one can suffer as well as you can. But if you get caught up in a battle of wits at home or in your job, Jupiter in your sign will help you keep faith in yourself. When the Moon enters Cancer on Friday, you’ll feel better.

Listen to both sides of the story. Neptune, your planetary ruler, gets some assistance from Mars this week, and helps you gain a more rational perspective on all you’re learning. If your boss sounds like your mother, you can always go home and cry on your partner’s shoulder. But you’d miss a good chance to stand up for yourself. Your parents taught you what to think about authority figures, and this week, you’ll get some insight into how that affects your behavior. You might find a new way to listen. And the payoff could be a new way for you to present yourself.

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